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6th January 2016

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Apr 26, 2009 · Dolphin Mating And Giving Birth | Dolphins | Fishing | Big Fish | Fishing Videos | Fish Vi – Duration: 21:17. Lepif Yigitar ayvaz 1,547,824 views

Dolphin Caught on Film. Australian tourist, Karl Jurg, captured a horrifying event while vacationing in Florida. Jurg told reporters, “It was a nice day, the

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Bottlenose dolphin; Bottlenose dolphin breaching in the wake of a boat: Size compared to an average human: Scientific classification; Kingdom: ia

Sep 07, 2012 · A frisky dolphin who swims near the Cayman Islands apparently has the hots for humans, as a shocking new video amply demonstrates. The dolphin — who

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Dec 26, 2012 · Video embedded · went to with my family and saw this!!!!!

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Etymology. The name is originally from Greek δελφίς (delphís), “dolphin”, which was related to the Greek δελφύς (delphus), “womb”. The ‘s name can

“The most popular dolphin is the Bottlenose Dolphin as it is the one we have seen in tv series, movies, and aquatic shows” 7 . Bottlenose Dolphins are warm-blooded.

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Sex with Dolphins – “How To”, and a Personal Viewpoint by Dragon-wolfe Dolphinn September, 1996. Dave in Phoenix notes: I have no idea if this is true or not but

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Jun 10, 2014 · A female researcher has admitted to sex with a male dolphin during a 1960s NASA-funded experiment. Margaret Howe Lovatt was stationed on the U.S.

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