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26th November 2014

TinMan Dental currently supplies over 8000 dentists worldwide. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of products, as well as getting those products out to our customers.

Practicon offers dental supplies, oral hygiene products, toothbrushes and floss in bulk. A leader in dental education models, we have everything a dentist or office

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By the American Dental Association for preventive oral care, handling toothaches and mouth sores, search for a dentist, learn to floss and brush properly, and how to

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Authorized Miltex supplier of surgical, dental instruments, veterinary tools. Order online for Miltex brand and Excel and Surgic brand instruments same day shipping.

What does getting a dental filling feel like? Find out about white (composite) and silver (amalgam) fillings, and read up on a step-by-step procedure of what happens

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Get information on types of mouth guards to protect teeth from bruxism (teeth grinding) while sleeping and during sports such as football, boxing, wrestling, hockey

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Are Your Teeth Clean and White added 8-7-97 Original Author Unknown. Sung to: “Do Your Ears Hang Low!” Are your teeth clean and white?

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1 Austin Tissue Retractor SKU: TRA1 Austin Retractor with handle, used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps,

Midwest Dental Equipment & Supply, Wichita Falls, Texas eCommerce web site. Online Dental Supplies catalog.

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6351 sw 95th ave – cedar key, fl 32625 telephone 352.543.5167 – fax 352.543.9694

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